It’s been a while

So, how many times have you made a commitment to start something… a journal, a new habit, an new resolution? When I started this blog, I had every intention of painting again.
Greg died almost four years ago. The brushes, paints and paper haunt me. I want to pick them up again, but I am a completely different person. What if the talent is no longer there? What if what was once an incredible escape for me no longer exists?
This is something I have not been able to face.
I also have a new journey. I want to teach again. Art. Elementary, middle or high. I honestly have no idea. I have always believed God has a very distinct plan for me. I do not question His plan, but I do question whether or not I am doing my part.
The great thing about the sun rising is that you can begin again each day.
I might have failed at becoming an artist again when I started this site, but the good news is that I can try again.